The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship


iDAvatars - Intelligent Digital Avatars

iDAvatars (IDA), creators of industry leading Avatar apps for healthcare, powered by IBM Watson, is delighted to announce a strategic merger with CodeBaby, a leading virtual assistant provider based in Colorado Springs.

Both companies bring complementary technologies and strategic capabilities to the merger, addressing the growing need for global enterprises to more efficiently and effectively interact with their customer and patient audiences online and via mobile devices.

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A Tale of Two Avatars

A Tale of Two Avatars

The merger also brings together the latest wunderkinds in AI development, the amazingly talented Sophie and Kate. Sophie is a highly advanced, emotionally intelligent Avatar who provides patient care and data feedback for our healthcare clients. She talks, she listens, she comforts, soothes and relates. Sometimes with a wicked sense of humor. Kate is a brilliantly executed Virtual Assistant who provides 5-star customer service for our financial, insurance, education, healthcare, retail, government and other clients. She can guide a customer through even the most baffling applications, instructions and forms, happily answering questions and charting progress along the way. Although each is unique in their own way, both avatars share a common purpose -- to help take care of your customers and patients, and to make sure everyone gets exactly what they need. Including, most importantly, you.


Emotional Intelligence Meets Cognitive Computing

iDAvatars: Our Vision

Meet Sophie – SophieCare

2016 HIMSS Conference

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Intel RealSense Partnership

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Sophie – Your Personal Health Coach

The ROI of Character

The ROI of Character

According to Forrester Research, 72% of users prefer self-service support over either phone calls or email. Chat rooms produce similar results, since responses can vary widely, depending on the knowledge and bias of the person responding. For these and other reasons, users now want to control the customer experience themselves. Enter the era of Self-Serve.

For DIYers, avatars are the perfect solution. They immediately get users the help they need, whether it's answering product or service questions, helping them choose the right healthcare coverage, guiding them through a biometric device reading, or even showing them how to file a report with law enforcement. (Yes, we actually did that.)

In independent studies, research at both Stanford University and the University of Southern California has proven that interactive characters:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase trust in data sources
  • Generate emotional engagement
  • Quickly convey brand personality

To prove the point even further, several of our clients have reported a high level of success in acheiving their goals -- whether patient outcomes, member enrollments, product and service ratings, employee benefit support, or staff and overhead reductions. In one case, we reduced Call Center costs by over 30%. For another, we improved call center deflection from 15% to 81% within 6 months of implementating our avatars. To find out more, please accept our invitation to get in touch.

Unique Products, Unique People

It takes a unique company to create a unique product, and the new iDAvatars certainly fits the description. With key players spread across the globe, from Los Angeles to Edmonton, Lisbon to Bristol to Colorado Springs, the disciplines, cultures and personalities are as diverse as the time zones. Our clients are equally diverse, from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to Lockheed Martin and Intel to Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the list goes on.

What holds everything together is dedication to a shared goal — to integrate empathy into cognitive computing, and to create genuinely caring avatars who can build trusting, enduring relationships.

We won't claim it’s been easy. Innovation never is.

But as a result, technologies considered cutting edge are commonplace for us. AI, NLP, ASR, TTS, Emotion Recognition, Unity Animation, WebGL, the profound cognitive computing power of IBM Watson, these are our workbench standards. With even more breakthroughs in the works, it all illustrates iDAvatars' vision and drive — what else can an avatar do to help people in need, and what new technology is out there, or needs to be developed, to help them do it.

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We are idavatars and this is the Art & Science of Empathy

We invite you to take the next step with us.